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Five Steps For Nailing Your Video Interview

Sheila Callaham at

In today’s remote working reality, an online presence can be a two-edged sword. Done right, and you own the space. Done haphazardly, and your professional persona could be doomed. If you are interviewing for a job in this competitive COVID-19 environment, mastering online presence is critical. If you are an older candidate, it is non-negotiable…

    Due to stereotypes about candidates age 50+ not being tech savvy, mastering an online presence is even more important. Showing comfort on camera and easily navigating remote tools helps you own the space.

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Unemployed People in UK Over 50 Rises by Third

by Amelia Hill at

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The number of unemployed people aged over 50 in the UK has increased by a third in the past year, according to analysis of official figures.

    There are 91,000 more unemployed older people than there were 12 months ago, the biggest percentage increase of all age groups and significantly more than the national average increase of 24%.

How to Account for Résumé Work Gap

Caused by Pandemic

by Stephanie Vozza at

Gaps in a résumé were once a red flag for employers, and job candidates have always been advised to have a solid reason for a period of unemployment. But with unemployment rates reaching an all-time high earlier this year due to the pandemic, chances are you may have had a job gap, too. Do you need to explain the gap on your résumé?

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8 Tips to Balance Your (Job Search-ed) With a Side Hustle

by Rebecca Lake at

Starting a side hustle can be a great way to bring in extra income, especially if you need money to grow your emergency fund or pay down debt. With so many ways to make money online or in person, it’s possible to work a side gig around your (job search - ed.)

    Figuring out how to balance a (job search - ed) with a side hustle can put your time management skills to the test.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

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Holiday Myths

Job seeking during the holidays isn’t necessarily what you’ve been told

There are always a lot of rumors and myths concerning what it’s like to be in a job search. As we enter the holiday season, this time of year has its own set of job search myths and fallacies. Here are just a few.

    Things slow down during the holidays. That’s not necessarily true. There are jobs available and in certain circumstances hiring managers are under the gun to identify a candidate in time for the first of the year.

    People are on vacation around the holidays. Again, not true. In fact, while some people do take time off during the holidays, the holiday season is a good time to reach out to people because they do tend to be more available. They have less meetings and fewer commitments and may be more open to speaking with a job seeker or to review your resume.

    No one is hiring because budgets are spent. Sometimes that is true, but it’s also just as likely that some companies or departments are facing “use it or lose it” budget situations. Those companies will be eager to put someone on as soon as possible. In addition, some hiring managers need to identify successful candidates who can be ready to start in early January when new budget dollars become available. 

    Of course the biggest myth of all is that there are just no jobs available. The Covid and the resulting lockdowns have, no doubt, put a damper on much hiring, but some companies are hiring and there are jobs out there.

    In fact, in the past few days we saw a report from the Associated Press that FedEx is hiring 70,000 people for the holidays and UPS is adding an additional 100,000.

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