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“Fifty For Fifty” – 50 Reasons To Hire The 50+ Candidate

We all know it exists, but why are you letting yourself get pushed around?

by Eli Amdur at

businessman on stairs

Never Too Old

Challenging ageist beliefs
and embracing lifelong learning

by Jon Stojan at

older woman standing at desk

We Asked ChatGPT
to Spot Red Flags on Resumes

Here’s what happened

by Suzanne Lucas at

two businessmen on phone

Up Close & Personal
Looking for a job is a very personal experience

➔    When we say that looking for a job is “a very personal experience,” we don’t mean that it’s a lonely endeavor and/or that all job seekers are like passengers stranded on a desert island facing unsurmountable odds to find the Holy Grail of a new job. If anything, a job search is the polar opposite of that.

Senior Woman with Glasses

Workers are using AI to up their professional online presence, but some of this software should be avoided.

                                        —   Wall Street Journal

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