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4 Things To Know Before Taking
A Lower-Level Position

There can be a lot to gain with such a decision

by Don Goodman, Aaron Sanborn & Jenna Arcand at

older businessman on steps

My Gray Hair Is An Asset, Not a Shame

An award-winning journalist who stopped coloring her hair opts to remain true to who she is

by Sasha Aslanian at

older woman smiling

One LinkedIn Trick That Enables Recruiters To Find You

Is there a better way to get recruiters' attention without telling the universe you are job hunting?

by Robin Ryan at

sketch man at desk

The New Normal
It ain’t ‘back in the day’ anymore

➔    Even if you’ve only been in the job market a few weeks, you’ve probably already realized that looking for a job today is vastly different from the last time you experienced it.  Also food for thought – that job at the end of the road may be just as different as well. 

Senior Woman with Glasses

According to new research, a look at the post-pandemic labor market finds that low-wage and lower-educated workers have more earning power than they did before.

                              —   The Wall Street Journal

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