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Why It’s Never Too Late to Start a Business + 6 Amazing Ideas

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business but you’re worried that it might be too late, don’t fret

by Eileen Williams at

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Are You Considering an Unretirement Career Pivot? 

Here are a Few Quality Examples

from Marc Miller at

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13 Holiday Networking Tips You Need To Know

The savvy job hunter maintains job search momentum throughout the holiday season and finds fresh ways
to leverage networking

by Cheryl Simpson & Jenna Arcand at

Cocktail Hour

In My Expert Opinion…
How to come across as trustworthy

➔    Before beginning his iconic run as host of The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson hosted a daily quiz show “Who Do You Trust?” That same concept can be applied to being hired for a job. Essentially, the successful candidate is the one who the interviewer or hiring manager “trusts” to be the best person for the job.

Smart Senior Man

Soft skills are anything but soft. In today’s remote-friendly, DE&I-conscious, intergenerational workplace, the skills associated with high emotional intelligence – empathy, active listening, conflict resolution – are increasingly valued by employers.

                                                             — HR Brew

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