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I Got Laid Off At 51. It Took Me 6 Years
To Find A New Job — Here's What It Was Like.

"Looking for a job when you’re in your 50s is sobering. 'People don’t want to see their moms in the office,'
one friend told me."

by Marcelle Karp at

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What To Say In An Interview After Being Downsized
Or Worried About Losing Your Job

by Jack Kelly at

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Understanding When and Why
to Follow People on LinkedIn

by Naman Goel at

Business Partners

The Raw Recruit
Keep your friends close

➔    There are many pathways to finding a job with networking being, arguably, the best approach. Of course, the best approach is the one that gets you the job.  That said, keeping all your options open is sage advice to the savvy job seeker.

New Jobs Data Disappoints Older Workers

50-54 Age Group Takes a Big Hit

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