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3 Things to do This Holiday Season
to Get Ahead in Your Job Search

Unique opportunities for job seekers to get ahead
in their searches

by Sho Dewan at

interview group

Tough Job Market Hurting Older Workers


Older workers are struggling to secure a job
and prepare for their retirements

from Paul Solman at

older man at work



These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

A New Job Becomes a Calling

“They said, ‘Are you willing to learn?’
And I said yes.”


working woman benefits


And… You’re Out!
Face it. HR types are just doing their jobs

➔    From the perspective of the employer, the hiring process is a game of elimination. That’s right. “How can I get this stack of 100 [you can insert your own number here] resumes and applications down to a manageable number?” In this case, a manageable number may be around five to eight. And that’s just the first elimination round. And that’s true pretty much across the board.



While 28 million people have the #OpentoWork frame on their LinkedIn profile pictures, one former Google recruiter recently told CNBC that the frame is “the biggest red flag on LinkedIn,” because it signals to recruiters that these candidates are “desperate.”

                                                         — HR Brew

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