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At some point, we’ve all found ourselves recalling the Good Old Days at a previous employer…

    Lately, there’s reason to think boomeranging — or returning to a company you’ve previously worked for — is becoming an attractive option to more workers. In 2021, boomerang workers made up 4.5 percent of all new hires, up from 3.9 percent in 2019. There are plenty of practical reasons that could account for this trend. In a tough hiring environment like today’s, companies see an incentive to add former employees to their candidate pipeline, and workers — who see an opportunity to return to something known on their own terms — stand to benefit, too.   MORE

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Us vs Them?
Differences among generations abound. Do they have to be good or bad?

➔    There are numerous differences among people of different generations. Don’t kid yourself. To one degree or another it’s always been like this. Whether or not those chasms are wider today than before is debatable. But they do exist.   MORE

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