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Stop Limiting Beliefs About People of All Ages

Employers sometimes think that as people get older, they often don’t have the same fortitude to complete tasks

by Natalie Mazzullo at edu/nevada-today

older man on street

What Is Upskilling and How Can You Use It to Get the Career You Want?

Many workers have realized that upskilling
is the path to finding a role that’s better aligned
with their values and compensation goals

by Erica Sweeney at

older man reviewing file

It's Time to Tackle Ageism
— No Matter How Old You Are

Unlike with other groups such as women and children, there hasn’t yet been a U.N. convention related to the rights of older persons

by Helen Hirsh Spence at

older man looking up from desk

What’s Most Important in Your Job Search?
With so many changes happening in the job market, where should you focus

➔    There is so much talk about what’s different in today’s job market and how looking for a job in 2022 is vastly different from when most older job seekers sought employment that it’s difficult to parse it all out. And understandably so.

    It makes one that much more frustrated when you’re trying to figure out where to start and how to proceed.


In the quest to target young, new talent, employers often overlook the experienced employees 

                                            —   Galleri

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