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What Is That Job Ad Really Saying? 

Fed Paper Looks at Ageism in Tight Labor Market

by Bob Fernandez at

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Companies Use Subtle Wording in Job Ads to Keep Older People from Applying

The U.S. workforce… with the growth rate of workers (age 65 and older) far exceeding all others


were hiring

How to Narrow Your Job Search

Do you have a strategy for how to go after that next job?

by Marcelle Yeager at

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Following the Money
Translate value into dollars and cents

➔    One of the most often invoked reasons for not hiring a mature candidate, such as yourself, is that you will be too expensive. A good friend was told – as he was being let go from a Fortune 500 company after 25 years – “We can hire two people for what we’re paying you.” And they may be right.

Stock Market Quotes

In January 2023, six times more work was happening remotely than in January 2019.

                                                   —   WFH Research

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