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Working Strategies: Absorbing ‘Failing’ (Fired) at 50 – or 60, or 70

The reasons for letting an older employee go could be… unique to the individual

by Amy Lindgren at

older man blocked - no longer need

Embrace Age Diversity: How to Engage Gen X and Baby Boomers with B2B Marketing

More than half of B2B leads on LinkedIn are driven by people over 40

byTequia Burt at

three older women looking at phone

How to Navigate a Career Transition With Confidence

Explore strategies to help you navigate these transitions with confidence

by Cade Kennedy at

older man shaking hands

The Proof is in the Pudding
Don’t let your resume leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth

➔    It goes without saying that one should never lie in a resume.  Just think about all the celebrities, politicians and other notables who have fudged things only to have them come back and bite them in their butts when the truth comes out.  Oh, the shame.

Happy Businessman

“(I) used ChatGPT every day at work for a week and didn't tell anyone. None of my coworkers knew, and my manager had no idea. And it's been so valuable to me that I'll continue to use it to help me with my workload.”

                                                       —   Insider   

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