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Forty-Three Percent Say 40-Plus Is Old: Discrimination In The Workplace

Age shows no color, race, religion, sex, etc. It just is. People get older…

by Shep Hyken at

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The Time Has Never Been Better for Women to Get Into Franchising

Thought the industry has typically been dominated by men, that's starting to shift. Here's why.

by Dan Rowe at

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Special Report: The Future Of Work

Forbes' inaugural list of 50 leaders, executives, thinkers and teams who are shaping the office of tomorrow, today.

by Jena McGregor at

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A Job Search Like Any Other
While some things have changed…

➔    We’ve written here as have an army of folks in other venues about the differences in today’s job market and how to secure a full-time position in that market. Sight unseen, we can venture to say that most, if not all of that is true.

Business Meeting

The Job Picture Clouds
In a sample of 14 countries, all of them saw hiring rates decrease over the past year, with the U.S. down 13 percent since last September. 
                                                            —   LinkedIn

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