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by Karen Telleen-Lawton at

Older adults have recently emerged as the fastest growing labor segment, both in the United States and around the world. A confluence of factors explains this trend, including low unemployment and difficulties recruiting and retaining talent. Less quantifiable is the notion that our generation is arriving at retirement age with higher expectations and less financial hardiness. Job-hunting has morphed into the new senior hobby. But it’s extra challenging when one is facing age bias in the workplace.   MORE

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Again. From the Top.
Rehearsed answers in an interview epitomize insincerity

➔    One telltale sign of an amateur theater production is that there is no emotion in the actors dialogue. You know, it’s just sounds rehearsed.

    The same is true in a political speech. How sincere can that candidate be if everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like it is straight off an index card – or teleprompter. So why would a job interview be any different?  MORE

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