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3 Ways To Counter Age Discrimination
In Your Job Search

It would be great if HR or senior leadership supported special initiatives to address late-career concerns

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

man with red hardhat

Older Workers Face Hurdles in Job Searches Even with Historically Low Unemployment

"Twenty-seven companies in a row turned me down.”

by Dee DePass at

screaming woman

1 Surprising Trait Has 42 Percent
Of Job Seekers Declining Offers

The unspoken rule of a job interview is to not be rude

by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. at

older woman with clipboard

Divide & Conquer
You are what you can do

➔    It’s not hard to see why it happens. There is so much in our work lives that is dictated by our job titles. But it doesn’t have to be that way – nor should it.

    People work eight hours a day – one-third of their lives – and they, in effect, become their jobs.  They identify themselves not so much with their positions, but by their titles.  “I’m an accountant.”  “I’m a shop foreman.” “I’m in sales.”

Morning Rush Hour

A 401(k) plan is considered a “must-have benefit” by 88 percent of job-seekers.

                                                —   Charles Schwab

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