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Today is:   Monday, February 6, 2023   |   Next niftynews: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

2023 Career Reality Check-In
for the 50+ Crowd

Podcast with John Tarnoff 



5 Secrets to Getting Hired After 50

With millions of job openings currently left unfilled, there should be plenty of opportunities for older adults

by Kenneth Terrell, AARP

shaking hands at interview

Part-Time Work Can Help People
Back Into The Labor Market

The power of part-time work to bring people back into the workforce

by Adi Gaskell at

older worker with younger 07JUL

What’s in a Number?
It’s difficult to keep count of job seekers

➔    When you’re looking for a job, numbers are very important.  How many companies have you contacted?  How many interviews have you had?  How long have you been out of work?  How much (or little) salary are you willing to accept?  How many pages should your resume be? Numbers.  Numbers.  Numbers.

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