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5 Websites for Retirees
to Find Work Online

Are you a retiree looking to find work?

by Sandra Dawes-Chatha at

Old man with laptop

Job Scams Are Becoming More Common
— Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Unsuspecting job seekers lost $68 million
due to fake business and job opportunities

by Jack Kelly at

thinking man

How to Use AI in Your Job Search

AI can boost your odds of finding a job

by Larry Stybel at

working on laptop

Consensus of Opinion
The mob vs the voice in the wilderness

➔    One thing that the online world has done is to usher in an avalanche of information. Within seconds (or minutes if you’re really slow) you can find data on most anything and everything – all from your personal desktop and all within the click of a mouse. For job seekers, this can be good news or bad news – depending on which news you want to read and/or believe.

Businessmen on Staircase

The labor force participation rate for U.S. women ages 25 to 54 rose to 77.5 percent in April, a record high.

                                        —   Bloomberg

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