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Older Workers Are a Necessary Part of the Workforce

by Helen Dennis at

Q. Sometime ago, you wrote about the advantages of working in later life. That was very helpful in my discussion with my husband and his decision of whether to retire or to continue working. Now, can you write about why employers should hire older workers? We older folks may decide to work but then, who will hire us at 60, 70 and 75 years?

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Changing Careers? Here’s How To Talk About It

by Julia Wuench at

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What’s your story? When it comes to telling your professional narrative, particularly when changing careers, your delivery is crucial. During your transition, you’ll be having informational interviews, and in time, official interviews. If you nail your career story, you’ll get to tell another great story about how you got the job. 
   Here’s how to craft a compelling narrative when you’re transitioning careers

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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Reconnect and Awaken Dormant Ties

to Revive Your Job Search

by Marc Miller at

My good friend Thom Singer recently recorded a video, Awaken Dormant Ties (the future of business relationships) where he stated that:
   There is so much value in reaching out to people with who you used to be connected and rebuilding those relationships.

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The Time is Now

You may not want to admit it, but this is a good time

Welcome to October. It’s now officially fall. The equinox has pasted and we’re now experiencing more dark than light each day. And football is in full swing.
   The other thing that October signals is that next month is November which brings Thanksgiving and that means the holiday season.  MORE 

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Unemployment Data

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National Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate Age 50-54

Unemployment Rate Age 55+

Total Number of Unemployed

over age 50
2.1 million

Labor Participation Rate


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All figures according to the August, 2021

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data.

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