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How to Get Hired If You're an Older Worker
It's not easy for older workers to rejoin the labor force, but online courses and networks for the 50-plus set can help.

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by Teresa Ghilarducci at

Almost everybody needs or wants to work in their 50s and most need to work into their 60s. But the pandemic hasn't been kind to older workers.

    A greater-than-expected share of older workers in their mid-60s and over (presumably with padded retirement accounts and Covid-19 fears) did in fact choose to retire. But younger older workers, or those ages 55 to 64, seem to have been forced out of work — often without substantial retirement assets.   MORE

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Trust Yourself
Believe in you even if no one else does

➔    There are so many negative memes surrounding older workers that they’re hard to count and keep track of. Can’t use technology. Can’t take direction or supervision from younger staff. Can’t stay healthy. Can’t be counted on to stay with the employer/will retire soon.

    Of course, this can all be bundled together in the giant beach ball of ageism which, of course, can lead to age discrimination.   MORE

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10 Signs You Shouldn’t Take the Job
Flexjobs experts point out the warning signs to know so you won’t be taken advantage of, and find a position in which you are respected, valued, and above all, happy.

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