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Battling Artificial Intelligence Bias

Is artificial intelligence edging out older applicants?

by Hope Kahn, National Press Foundation

two businessmen on phone

Unemployed Older Adults Encounter Age Discrimination

Ageism hampers the job search for unemployed older adults

by Alicia R. Williams at

older man at work

8 Ways to Beat Ageism on Your Resume

Age may not always work to your advantage when searching for a job

from Fairygodboss at

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Just Who Are You?
Putting forward the real you in your job search

➔    One of the most significant game-changers of the 21st Century job search is the emergence of online tools such as LinkedIn. As critical as LinkedIn has become, does it mean that you no longer need, or can afford to dismiss or downplay your resume?

Attentive Therapist

“(Last) month, 1,300 New York Times employees signed a pledge opposing the company’s RTO requirement, arguing that without a raise, inflation made the cost of commuting to and eating at the office untenable.”
                                      —   Fortune

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