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Employers Are Hiring, but Seniors Struggle to Get Jobs

by Danielle Waugh at

Despite an on-going worker shortage and steady economic recovery, one part of the population reports major issues getting hired: senior citizens.
   "I have probably sent out
more than 150 resumes," said Linda Orlick, a Boca Raton resident in her 70s. "I have not heard back from a single one. The first question they ask is your birth date, when did you graduate high school. That's the last you hear from them."

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Working Strategies: Summer Reading for Job Seekers

by Amy Lindgren at

Reading Time

Hot weather, beach umbrella, cold beverages and a good book. What combination could be better? If you’re planning to combine pleasure and duty, you might want to consider one of these books for your summer reading list. Note that two are scheduled for publication in September, but that’s just an invitation to extend the summer, right?

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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10 Skills You Absolutely Don’t Need Anymore

When Applying for Jobs

by Ashley Jones at

Searching for your next career opportunity takes time and energy. Knowing which skills you absolutely don’t need anymore when applying for jobs can help you sharpen your focus and prioritize your time. 
    It’s actually less about knowing which skills you don’t need and more about knowing which skills you don’t need to point out that you have because they’re now so common that it’s obvious to those doing the hiring that any modern job seeker will have them. 
    Kicking certain unnecessary or obsolete skills off of your resume can also streamline the hiring process and help you stand out among a sea of applicants. A hiring manager doesn’t want to wade through a list a mile long under the skills section of your resume to seek out the things that actually matter in the position that you’re up for. 

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The Long and Short of it

We’re living longer and working longer as well

One of the most glaring, widespread and haunting myths affecting older workers is that they won’t stay around very long. They’re all going to retire at 65.
   There are probably 65 reasons why that is just so wrong. We personally know people in their 80s who continue to work full time – most because they want to as opposed to having to. Then there is a guy we know who just accepted a new position with a major U.S. corporation at age 59½.   MORE

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