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Still Working in Your 70s?
You’re Not Alone

The share of workers 75 and older is expected to grow – BLS

by Kenneth Terrell at

Businessman at desk

How Do You Get a Job After Being Self-Employed for 20 Years?

What do you need to do to make yourself more hirable?


man entering building

How To Network On LinkedIn To Get A New Job

Get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers
and human resources on social media platforms

by Jack Kelly at


Speed Jobbing
Maximizing the most out of minimum time

➔    If you haven’t yet experienced one in your job search, you probably will soon. The job fair. Some may look down their noses at job fairs, but they can be a valuable job search tool – for a variety of reasons. In fact, some people have compared job fairs to speed dating. Speed dating – where groups of eligible singles meet up for 3-5 “dates.” Or, to put in job search lingo, “interviews.”  

Business Conference

After some very real hiring headaches, Santino’s Pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio posted a sign saying, “Now Hiring Non-Stupid People."


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