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The New World Of Job Searching


If you're 50 or older, wish to work during retirement, and haven't had the experience of searching for a job in recent years, you're in for a real surprise…you will need to know how to prepare an online resume, research job openings, research employers, submit applications and keep track of your application. It's becoming more common that companies will only accept applications over the internet.

    The new world of job searching can be impersonal, frustrating, even infuriating. Sorry. Unless you find a plant, store or office where you can walk in and fill out an application (and there are a few great companies where you can), you are now in the internet age of looking for a job.

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Older Workers Are Suffering More — But All Is Not Lost

6 Tips for older workers looking for a new job

by Kerry Hannon at

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…I will, of course, share some advice to help workers 50+ navigate the pandemic landscape. That’s my job, and it’s proactive. My father taught me to never say, I can’t. But to always focus on solutions by asking: how can I, or how can we?

    But first, here’s what the new report revealed. Around 1.1 million older workers (ages 55 and older) left the workforce between August and January due to the pandemic recession.

The Pros and Cons of Working in Retirement

by Stacy Johnson at

Retirement doesn't have to be synonymous with not working. It could mean working, but only doing things you want to do, not have to do.

    Not long ago, the phrase “working in retirement” was an oxymoron, much like “bittersweet” or “act naturally.” After all, if you’re working, you’re by definition not retired.

    But that was then. These days…

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A Different Lens

New job. New company. New perspective.

Among the many advantages of hiring older workers is the experience they bring to the job. That’s a no brainer. What’s more, in most cases, that experience spans several decades and very often several different former employers.

    So far, so good. MORE

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Making a Noise

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Show your support for all the age 50+ job seekers.

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