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Ageism Threatens Crisis for Older Workers in Redundancy

by Helena Sutan

Fears have been raised that ageism in the recruitment process could exacerbate an unemployment crisis for over-50s in the year ahead, with the pandemic-driven shift towards remote hiring creating further hurdles for those made redundant in the coming months.

    A new report by the Centre for Ageing Better found that most employers do not consider age bias in recruitment to be a “problem” in their organisation, despite evidence of a range of negative perceptions towards older applicants. These included assumptions such as older workers not wanting to fill junior roles, or that they have “poor IT skills” or look “worn-out.”

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When Workplace Bias Training Ignores Age Bias

Why I felt my employer's Managing Bias online training was incomplete

by Howie Good at

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Do some forms of discrimination deserve priority over others? Or are all forms of discrimination equally wrong and equally deserving of correction?

    I ask because at my workplace, and perhaps yours as well, there seems to exist a willful disregard of the presence of ageism.

    Discrimination on the basis of age seems to be viewed as somehow less toxic than discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Such a view of ageism just increases the level of toxicity.

When COVID-19 Opens a Career Opportunity (or Two)

by Leslie Hunter-Gadsden at

It is often said that timing is everything. Boston filmmaker and multimedia artist Roberto Mighty, 66, certainly found that out one day in March 2020 shortly before the coronavirus pandemic reached epic proportions in the United States…

    "Like many Americans, I didn't believe the pandemic was going to be as bad here in the United States as was predicted. As the extent of the problem became clear, it deepened my resolve to be of service," (Mighty) says. "In early March, you could just feel the stress in the air.


Screening Process

Thanks to the Covid most first-round job interviews will now be digital

It certainly didn’t start with the Covid pandemic – many companies have been doing electronic interviews for the past several years – but 2020 made “Zoom” interviews widespread and acceptable. The video interview will never completely replace the in-person version, but it will do a lot of the early heavy lifting. MORE

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