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Should a Job Seeker List Her Age on Her Resume?

“…it's important to list these credentials, there's no need to highlight her age.”

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LinkedIn Headline Tips That Will Actually Get You Noticed by Recruiters + 18 Examples

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Why Skills-Based Hiring is Here to Stay

by Caroline Castrillon at

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Let’s Talk
When you get down to it, a job interview is just a conversation

➔    To make it a real conversation, we need to ensure the give-and-take. Done well, you’ll learn a lot more about the job and the company, and, they will learn a lot more about you. (Presumably only more good things.)

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U.S. workers have increased their working hours by one percent on average since the start of the pandemic, while many workers in Europe have gone in the opposite direction, decreasing their working hours two percent on average.

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