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The Truth About Starting
a New Career After 50

More Americans are experiencing second
and even third careers.
Is it time to retire the concept of retirement?

by Michael Clinton at

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These Women Over 50 Shared How They Landed New Jobs, But Ageism Is Alive And Well In The U.S.

“Plenty of women have lived through a mid-life job change and lived to tell the tale.”

by Perry Carpenter at

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Combating Age Bias in the Workplace

“Economists tend to believe that workers in their 50s and 60s have a harder time than their younger counterparts finding jobs.”

by Toni Tileva at

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Follow the Money
There’s more to your compensation than meets the eye

➔    The quintessential question hovering over any job or job offer is, “How much?” You can go on from there:  What are you going to pay me? Will I lower myself to work for such pittance? Your salary offer is an insult! Then there is the advice everyone hopes for: “They offered you what? Take the money and run… before they change their minds.”


“If tech employers wanna defeat the aftershocks of the Great Resignation and meet the need to fill important roles, competitive pay needs to remain top of mind.”
                                      —   HR Brew