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“Do The Thing!”


My eleven-year-old son asked me to watch The Last Airbender series with him. It was one of the most brilliant series and animations I’ve seen. Like a good Pixar movie, this was excellent for kids and adults… clever, complex, etc.

    In the next Avatar series, based around a different character (Korra), there is a brilliant-but-wacky entrepreneur, or business tycoon, named Varrick. His assistant’s name is Zhu Li (which sounded like Julie), and she was uber-competent and patient with Varrick. Probably about a hundred times Varrick would yell:

    “Zhu Li, do the thing!”

    And no matter what Varrick was thinking, Zhu Li would do the thing to save the day. She was that awesome.

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Zhu Li

Employment Trends Among Seniors – 2020 Study

by Stephanie Horan at

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Older American workers have been disproportionately impacted by not only the health impacts of COVID-19, but also its corresponding economic shock, which has deeply affected their ability to budget and save for their retirement. In fact, workers 65 and older have seen some of the highest recent unemployment rates. A Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of April 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the unemployment rate was highest among workers in the youngest age cohort (ages 16 to 24) – at 27.4% – and next highest among workers in the oldest age cohort (ages 65 and older) – at 15.6%.

    (According to the BLS, the unemployment rate among those 50 and over remains lower than the overall unemployment rate. – ed)

To Find Your Next Job More Quickly,

Tell Your Community You’re Open to Work

by Rohan Rajiv at

It’s no secret that we’re facing a challenging job market, but the good news is people want to help members of their community who are looking for work. According to a recent survey we conducted, 84% of people would be willing to help someone in their network who has lost their job due to COVID-19 find a new role.

    We’re seeing this on LinkedIn, too. Thousands of people are asking for help and their community is responding by offering advice and resources, making connections and sharing job listings.

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Accepting Help

by Matt Bud at

One of the less well recognized phobias in this world is the fear of accepting help from others.

    Perhaps it is primarily a guy thing and it explains why we never used to ask for directions at the gas station, but when it comes to job search it is another one of the many things that “get in the way” of very capable individuals finding work opportunities. (I don’t know if anything lasts long enough these days that we can dignify them with the word jobs.)

    With the new reality in the world we need to be more and more attuned to our own personal information networks for opportunities that fit our background, and that means reaching out to others and in a very real sense “asking for help.” Very simply, because we should all plan on having to do this more frequently than we would like, we need to always have our eye on the ball and our ear to the ground, not to mention keeping our nose to the grindstone. (I do enjoy sticking in trite phrases from time to time.)

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Pass it Along

If you attend networking events and go to jobs clubs, you’ve been meeting other job seekers just like you. Mention the Nifty50s to them and encourage them to visit as well. You’ll be helping them and you’ll make an appreciative friend for yourself.

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Are You Listening?

Some pearls of wisdom from recruiters

Working with a recruiter can bring a whole different dimension to your job search. There are numerous ways to gain the maximum value from a recruiter – especially if you take the time to pick their brains. Here are some things we’ve learned lately from recruiters.

    As an older job seeker, one recruiter advises that your age is what it is. You have to own it; you can't deny it. Despite your best efforts, eventually the employer will find out and if it’s an issue with them, you’re out – no matter what.

    In today’s job market, of first-round interviews, roughly 80 percent are video. However, roughly 60 percent of second-round interviews are live, on-site. This is especially true in manufacturing.

    Because of the pandemic, company representatives are traveling less for work and taking less vacations leaving more and more people “in the office” and available to interview job candidates. This has shortened the time span to fill positions.

    In addition to the hospitality industry, one group of employers that has been especially hard hit is non-profit organizations that rely on private contributions. Due to the pandemic, they have been unable to hold the many fundraising events that they desperately need to survive leaving them short of cash to hire staff.

    As we head into the holiday season, many job seekers assume that hiring slows down until after the first of the year. Typically, this is not the case. Many employers want to fill positions before the end of the year resulting in slow downs during the first quarter.

    Make certain that you ask your recruiter how the client handles interviews. What are their plusses and minuses, and, perhaps more important, what are their pet peeves.

    When an interviewer asks, “Tell me about yourself,” they’re not looking for your life story. One recruiter said that no more than two minutes should be sufficient. If they want you to expand on something you’ve said, they’ll ask.

    In a job search, you need to utilize all the tools at your disposal. One of the most important tools out there is the recruiter and a good recruiter is worth gold.

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