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Have You Fallen For
The Mythical Employee Sweet Spot?

While most people understand the importance of inclusive hiring for race and gender, they often overlook age

by Kevin Norquay at

woman fidgets with glasses

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Strategies for female executives


white-haired woman at desk

‘I Often Felt like I Was Banging My Head
Against a Brick Wall.’

Success Story > from: job to: solopreneur


Bee Keeper

Profiting from a Non-Profit
Working at a non-profit may not be a step down

➔    Our industry insiders tell us that there has been a recent uptick and increased job activity in the non-profit sector.  Before you jump to any conclusions, this is good news. Although your specific circumstances may dictate otherwise, looking at positions within the non-profit world may not be a bad thing.  It’s been our experience that non-profits recognize and appreciate experience – above all else – as well as many of the other job-related traits that the 50+ job seeker brings to the table.

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Holiday Notice

In observance of Independence Day, Nifty50s will not publish on Monday, July 3. Our next edition will be Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

Have a safe, and happy holiday.

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