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7 Tips for Getting Hired After Age 50

by Emily Brandon at

It can be especially challenging to find a new job in your 50s and 60s. The unemployment rate for older workers is lower than that of younger workers, but once out of work, older workers seem to have greater difficulties landing a new position. The average duration of unemployment for job seekers ages 55 to 64 was 20.9 weeks in March 2020, compared with an average of 17.5 weeks of unemployment among all workers, according to an AARP Public Policy Institute analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

    Here are some strategies to find a new job after age 50.


How to Create an ATS Resume

by Jon Shields at

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Creating an ATS-friendly resume is a highly effective way to increase your interview chances and shift the job search odds more in your favor. In this article, we’re talking about how to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS) by including job-specific keywords and using a parsable format…

    Some ATS automatically compare the entirety of your resume content to the job description. Recruiters can then sort applicants based on how well they “match” the job description. If your resume doesn’t have a high match rate, the recruiter might not consider you for the role.

Forced To Make A Career Pivot?

Here’s How To Do It With Clarity And Confidence

Laura Garnett at

This pandemic has created quite a lot of job shifting. And, for many people, these changes have been sudden and unexpected.

    Few people love a career transition, especially when it wasn’t their choice and they weren’t prepared to do it. The job search process is so loathsome that many choose to stay in situations that aren’t a great fit so they can avoid it. But it doesn’t have to be this way! I’d even go as far as saying that making a career change can be a journey you end up enjoying—and you may even love it.

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These Job Hunting Tips Used to Work,

Now They Could Hurt Your Search


Have you ever gotten a piece of job-hunting advice that just seemed, well…outdated? For instance, it was once thought that showing up at a business where you wanted to work, resume in hand was a surefire way to make a great impression. Today, that tactic would come off as inconsiderate and out-of-touch.

    Job hunting expectations and conventions change quickly. Job hunting 20 or 30 years ago looks different than it does today – but so do job hunts from 10 or even five years ago. With Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and other automated tools and social networking profiles becoming part of your application package, many older job hunting tips just aren’t relevant anymore.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Just Because

Don’t let someone else dictate how you feel

Among the pieces of wise advice offered to older job seekers is to not try to hide your age. Put it out there and deal with it. That’s smart.

    By the same token, however, don’t let someone else dictate to you how you feel about your age. Just because they have certain perceptions about age, don’t let that define you. You’re not old and decrepit just because they may think so.

    When they make assumptions about you based on your age, that’s time to collect some saliva in your mouth so that you can spit in their eyes. “You don’t think that I can do that? Let me tell you that, not only can I do that, I can do it better, faster and more efficiently because I’ve done it before and I’m ready, willing and able to do it again.”

    Just because they think that old people are sickly and that you’ll miss a lot of work because you’ll be out sick, you need to lean forward, look them in the eye and explain to them how healthy you are.

    Just because they think that old people are technologically inept, make them understand that you’ve been working with technology for the past (number) of years and that you can learn something new and master it quickly.

    Just because they think that old people need special considerations as part of their employment, assure them that you are on a par with people half your age.

    There are all these misconceptions permeating through the workplace about people who have reached a certain age, well, guess what. They’re wrong. And you’re just one to prove it.

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