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by Jane Thier at

    Over 11.3 million jobs are waiting to be filled in the U.S., but it doesn’t mean there are opportunities for everyone. 

    For job seekers with significant experience, the current hiring market can be grim. Junior roles are in abundance, while roles that require more experience are in short supply.   MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

The Big Fix
There’s a lot you can do; and some things you can’t

➔    We spoke with a woman vice president from a very well known Fortune 100 company who said that from time to time she had to remind her subordinates of their responsibilities. She said, “If you have a problem or an issue, don’t immediately come to me to whine and complain about it, FIX IT!”

    She wasn’t one to mince words. (Obviously.) The same can be said of age discrimination in the workplace.   MORE

Attentive Therapist


From the Morning Brew…

     SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) randomly sampled over 1,500 HR professionals in the U.S. Among HR professionals surveyed, 85% agree that using automation or AI saves them time or increases their efficiency by some degree, and 64% believe the tech automatically filters out unqualified applicants.

     Two out of three recruiters surveyed reported fewer applications to manually sort through after adopting AI, but 19% reported noticing that the AI tool had inadvertently overlooked or screened out qualified applicants for the role.

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