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Defying Age: Meet The 56 Year-Old YouTuber With 13 Million Subscribers

(Read) his advice on building a long-term career as a creator regardless of your age or experience level.

by Jon Youshaei at

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How to Change Careers In 5 Steps

Learn how to make a career change in five steps plus get tips on your career change resume,
cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.


woman with glasses working

Four Ideas For Professionals Looking To Work Part-Time

“ I only want to work part-time but not ready to completely stop working and I feel I have a lot to offer.”

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

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You Were Let Go?
The bottom line is, you don’t work here anymore

➔    Technically when most older workers lose their jobs, they are not fired. Laid off? Maybe. Down-sized? Good chance. No matter what they call it though, you’re out of work.


Workplace well-being is well worth it. 
According to Indeed’s 2022 Work Wellbeing Insights Report, employers need to consider well-being at work as a true business strategy that boosts performance, increases retention, and reduces burnout.

— HR Brew   

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