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How to Start a Side Hustle After Age 50

These gigs help you earn money

by Gwen Moran at

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The Secret to Success to Staying Employed in Technology into Your 70s [Podcast]

A strategy to stay fully employed

from Marc Miller at

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7 Tips To Help You Deal With Getting Laid Off

Being laid off is probably one of the most
professionally traumatic experiences you'll ever have

by Jenna Arcand at

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Job Searches Can be Lonely
Job seekers can feel isolated – that’s the bad news

➔    If you’re out there job seeking, you know the feeling. Even when you’re over 50 and you have your family at home with you, it’s still a lonely time – maybe the most lonely time of your life.

    You’re not really alone, or are you? According to HRBrew, the Surgeon General has even sounded the alarm about the loneliness epidemic – especially as it applies to the workforce.

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“Systems and software, not humans, are increasingly making decisions on whom to interview for a job, where and when employees should work, and who gets promoted, disciplined, or even fired from their job.” 

— from a summary of the No Robot Bosses Act

from Senator Bill Casey’s office, as reported by NBC News

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