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Finding Work After 50

“Fifty is not that old in today’s workforce.” 


older worker in meeting 07JUL

More Full-timers Turn to Freelancing
or Self-employment

"(His) new role means longer hours and fewer resources,  but… the rewards of being his own boss far exceed the headaches"

by George Anders at LinkedIn

woman working at home

Unemployment Is at a 50-year Low but Jobseekers Are Being Urged to Avoid Complacency

The search for employment can still be still competitive

by Chloe Chomicki at

were hiring

Hibbity-Jibbity Job 
Are you a job hopper?

➔    The conventional wisdom of an earlier time suggested that job-hopping was a bad thing.  If you changed jobs often, the story goes, then you were unreliable, unsettled, unstable, not serious, flighty… or worse. Once again, as times have changed, so have attitudes about job seekers.  


You’ve Got Rights!
What Are The Legal Rights Of A Job Applicant?

Finding and getting hired for a new job is not an easy process. In many cases, applicants are not even aware that they are being treated wrongly.

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