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How Old Can You Be to Work?
Exploring Age Requirements
for Employment

For those who are looking for work later in life,
there are some unique considerations

by Happy Sharer at

elderly businessman with thumbs up

Go Around HR to Get the Job

A new hire does not report to HR

by Nick Corcodilos at

three older women looking at phone

What Is the Future of Work?

Just like the world at large, the world of work shifts and changes over time


older man on street

Day In, Day Out
Mental health for your job search

➔    We recently heard an older job seeker who had successfully scaled the mountain top and found himself a job – one that he was very happy in. (Good for him!) In recounting his story, he also talked about being a silver medal winner. That’s someone who goes right down to the wire for a particular position, only to end up in second place.

Sunset in the Nature

75 Percent of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager.


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