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When Did Experience
Take a Back Seat to Age?

You’re concerned that your age will be a factor in hiring


man reviewing laptop in car

How to Create an ATS Resume

Creating an ATS resume is an effective way to increase your interview chances

by Robert Henderson at

woman reviews reports

I Got My First TV Writing Job at 55

It was hard being the oldest person in the room — but I'm glad I never gave up

by Eboni Boykin-Patterson at

group meeting

Life Long Learning
There’s always something new to discover

➔    Remember the college classmate who was on “the seven-year plan”; who derisively was labeled as a “professional student”?  As it turns out, maybe he knew something that the rest of us didn’t.

Collaborating at Work

The Book of Jobs

The Nifty50s library has more than 50 book titles that can help you in your job search. From resumes, to interviews, to job search tips and techniques, you’re sure to find something to boost your job hunt!

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