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Over 50: Networking,
Your Job Search Advantage

Many Baby Boomers are uncomfortable networking, and avoid this powerful tool

by Phyllis Mufson at

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It’s Not Only Gender That Keeps Women Always Needing To Prove Themselves. There’s More.

As (women) age, the pay gap widens even more

by Sheila Callaham at

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4 Tips for a Modern Online Job Search

It can feel overwhelming when you need to find a new job that better fits your needs

by Caitlin Lemon at

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Stay Focused
Your job search is most likely the most important thing you have going

➔    More than likely you’ve seen this somewhere. Some poor schmuck stumbles into a bees’ nest and the next thing you know he’s swatting at a swarm of not-too-happy bees that have enveloped him. If you’re job search feels like that sometimes, it shouldn’t be too surprising.  

Business Meeting

Trending in Healthcare 

Of workers 55 of age and older, 38.8 percent of the workforces left the market (retired) today as compared to 40.3 percent pre pandemic.

                                                —   HCareExec  

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