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Your Future Employer Requires a Background Check

– Now What?


You’ve filled out hundreds of applications, interviewed with dozens of employers, and finally, received an offer! Celebration time! But wait – your offer is dependent on a background check and drug test? Panic sets in as you have never had to do a background screening or a drug test before, and you have no idea what to expect.
   What is your new employer looking for exactly? How far back will they check? And why do you need a drug test?
   Worry no more! 

What 50-Year-Olds Know That 20-Year-Olds Often Don’t


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Twenty-somethings may be the most up-to-speed on technology, social lingo, and social media, but there are few things in life that can be achieved or acquired without the passing of time. After all, a twenty-year-old can’t predict how unpredictable life can truly be — nothing is set in stone, whether that’s the age you’ll retire, the family you’ll have, or the career path you’ll have.
   Here are some lessons I’ve learned during my half-century on this planet.

America's Workforce Is Graying,

and Ageism Could Cost the Economy Trillions of Dollars

by Andy Kiersz at

Americans are getting older, and we're not making enough room for them at work…
   What's more, by making it harder for older workers to reach their full potential, the research suggests ageism and age discrimination could add up to trillions of dollars in lost value in the coming decades.

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Can You Feel It?

Hiring decisions can be based largely on intangibles

As a mature job seeker, one of your greatest selling points is your experience. While you may be able to quantify in number of years, experience is not something that you can hold in your hands.
   The same can be said for any number of other qualities prominent among older job seekers. It’s a long list. On that list you can include: punctuality, reliability, attitude, work ethic, etc., etc. And what do all those traits have in common? They’re all intangible.   MORE 

Inside Business

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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