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Today is:   Friday, December 23, 2022   |   Next niftynews: Wednesday, January 4, 2023

9 Ways to Screw Up a Job Search When You’re 50 or Older

If you hope to land a job after 50,
you must avoid some key mistakes

by Maryalene LaPonsie at

screaming woman

7 Principles to Attract and Retain Older Frontline Workers

Employers, confronting skills deficits and workforce shortages, are desperate to hire

by Paul Irving, Bob Kramer, Jacquelyn Kung, and Ed Frauenheim at

man on shop floor

The Disadvantages of Relying on Technology During Your Job Search

The more you know about some of the pitfalls for modern job seekers, the less likely you are to get discouraged


two businessmen on phone

One for One
As one door closes, another opens.
Somewhere jobs are always available.

➔    No matter how high or how low the unemployment rate tracks, no matter what state the economy is in, people are always on the move in the job market. Someone once likened it to a carousel. As one person gets off, another gets on.


The coming holiday season is an ideal time for reflection, contemplation and looking ahead. All things which should be integral to your job search. As such, the Nifty50s will take some time to reflect, contemplate and look ahead. We will be taking a much needed hiatus. We will return on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 ready, willing and able to assist you in your job search.

Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

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