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by Jill D. Griffin at

Career coach Jill D. Griffin says that while DEI initiatives should address ageism in the workplace, there are a few ways experienced employees can take matters into their own hands.

     “Hi Jill!” the interviewer said in a chirpy voice while typing on her laptop. As she looked up, her expression shifted to a slightly displeased frown. “Thanks for coming in today,” she added, in a newly-dejected tone.

    I was at an interview for a marketing position that I believed I was the perfect fit for. Someone high up in the company tipped me off and sent through my resume on my behalf. But less than three minutes into the interview, the interviewer briefly looked up from her computer before saying: “So I think I have everything I need from your resume. Do you have any questions for me?”   MORE

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➔    As if job seeking wasn’t hard enough. Job seeking over age 50 can be that much more trying again. And narrow-minded, finicky HR types and hiring managers don’t help matters much.

    And that’s assuming that there is no age discrimination involved.   MORE

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