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If You're Over 50,

These Are the Top 6 Job Fields to Consider

by Kaitlyn McInnis at

While it’s completely unfair, ageism can be unfortunately quite difficult to combat in hiring, largely thanks to unfounded stereotypes that have been perpetuated about older workers.
   That being said, job seekers over 50 who are looking for a new career or position are not at all out of luck—especially if you’re looking in fields and sectors that value a lifetime of experience… exactly which job fields actively seek applicants above the age of 50.

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Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

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What If I Don’t Have a Professional Network?

by Marcelle Yeager at

You may think you don't have a strong professional network, but there are always opportunities to grow your connections. 
   Ask who your colleague or friend can introduce you to. Take action. Statistically, the majority of people find positions by connecting with others. 
   The most successful job searches are those where someone has reached out to connect with others. 

Pass it Along

If you attend networking events and go to jobs clubs, you’ve been meeting other job seekers just like you. Mention the Nifty50s to them and encourage them to visit as well. You’ll be helping them and you’ll make an appreciative friend for yourself.

Post-Pandemic Job Search Trends

by Andrew Seaman at

Companies are beginning to emerge from the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, allowing them to bring people back to offices and hire more employees. Fortunately, recruiters see a bright future for job seekers over the next few months, but they say in the most recent #GetHired that some pandemic-induced changes to the hiring process are here to stay.
   Job seekers get power back… Video interviews are here to stay… Companies will be more open to remote work.

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Meetings during your job search should be a positive experience

Among the many pieces of advice given to job seekers is to stay positive. We couldn’t agree more.
   While it’s easy to get down on yourself (for any one of a number of reasons), you resist than temptationi and must maintain the rosy glow being positive. Look at it from their point of view, who wants to hire Debbie Downer?   MORE 

Business Meeting

More help for the 50+ job seeker:

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