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‘Age is an Asset'

Why companies are interested in older workers


Woman making presentation

Five Tips to Help Older Professionals Learn New Technology

If you’re an older professional who isn’t quite ready to hang it up, you’ll have to set yourself apart from the younger competition

by Joe Szynkowski at

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Work Stories: 13 People Who Are (Probably) Having a Worse Day Than You

I’m having a bad day… first, I got up late this morning

by Mark Wilkinson at

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More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
Don’t be a feline, make a beeline to these employers

➔    The other day our Nifty Tip of the Day addressed the issue of how to get around an employer’s ATS screening process. These applicant tracking systems have been specifically designed to eliminate as many job applicants for a particular position as possible. And with companies receiving literally hundreds of resumes per position, this makes the HR staff’s job immeasurably easier.

Senior Businesswoman

Getting a certification is a way to burnish one’s résumé and stand out from the crowd. People who get certified “do it to demonstrate that they’re committed.”
                                                         — HR Brew

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