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    You’ve likely heard of the Great Resignation — where workers are quitting in droves to find better opportunities in a job seeker’s market.

    But not all of these resignations are people in pursuit of greener pastures. Some are older workers who feel like they’re being forced to retire.

    Deemed the “Great Retirement,” older workers are leaving the workforce at higher rates than before the pandemic.   MORE

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There’s a reason they called it “LinkedIn”

➔    While many lament the changes that have been wrought in the job search world, many of the same changes have yielded many, many benefits for the job seeker.

    How much easier is to conduct a background search on a company – or on people within a company – with all of the digital assets that are available to us any day, any time, anywhere?    MORE



For better or worse, the term “disinformation” has been bandied about in recent months. We’ve known for some time that it’s very prevalent in the world of the older job seeker.

If you’re confronting disinformation and prejudices about older workers, you might want to check out our free download: Myths & Facts About Older Workers on the Nifty50s Tool Kit.

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