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A Guide to Finding Jobs
You Can Do at 50 and Above

In the workplace, (age) seems to be a hindrance
rather than an asset

by Jane Harper at

older worker with hardhat reviewing plans

Is Our Aging Population a Time Bomb? An Opportunity?

By 2035, people 65 and older will outnumber
those under 18 for the first time

by Steve Lopez at

white-haired woman working

How to Manage and Defeat Job Search Burnout

How do you distinguish typical stress from job burnout stress? 

by Alexis Reale at

older woman concerned

Don’t Restrict Yourself
To appreciate the sunrise, you must broaden your horizons

➔    How many times have you had a server in a restaurant read the daily specials to you?  They’re not in the printed menu; they’re not posted on a display anywhere.  But they exist and you just may want to order one.  After all, why restrict yourself to simply what’s on the printed menu? The job market is not all that different.

City Skyline

Official (UK) statistics show that 15,336 claims which included a complaint of age discrimination were received… between March 2020 and March 2021. The figure is more than double the number of disability discrimination claims.


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