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Tips for Older Job Seekers

How to Find Age-Inclusive Organizations

from Idealist and AARP

older man and woman

Sounds Like Age Discrimination

Recruiter shares how your email address may be
holding you back from getting a job interview

by Braden Bjella at

older woman screaming at laptop

Too Fat? Too Thin? Not Hired

Survey says weight discrimination is real,
but how accurate is that?

by Suzanne Lucas at

workers hands holding glasses

Howdy, Pardner
Or is it that misery loves company?

➔    There is something reassuring in the human experience that, when faced with challenges or turmoil, almost without fail, we find comfort and solace confiding in another human being.

    When one considers that hunting for a job – at any age, much less our age – is among the most stressful and potentially lonely events in our lives – personal and professional – doesn’t it make sense that it would be to your benefit to enlist a compatriot with whom you can relate?


Nine out of 10 employers are eyeing a workforce with ChatGPT experience.

                                                       —   HR Brew

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