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Updating Your Resume After Layoff or Furlough

by Doug Levin at

The economic damage from Covid 19 has resulted in record high unemployment claims across the country. Despite modest levels of economic recovery, most thought leaders believe higher than normal levels of joblessness will remain, as companies are forced into laying off and furloughing employees.

    As one of the millions potentially laid off, furloughed, or fearful of such, the following post offers some narrowly-focused tips and advice for updating your resume after being laid off or furloughed.

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5 Tips For A Career Change Resume

by Jenna Arcand at

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Writing a career change resume can be tricky. How can you effectively market yourself to employers in a different industry when you don't have nearly enough experience as the average candidate applying for the same job as you?

    If you're looking to make a career change, optimizing your resume becomes even more important than it normally is. It's also critical to write a disruptive cover letter and make strategic networking and intentional branding the priority.

How To Get A Job You're Overqualified For

You need to convey that you are not settling for the job

by Monica Torres at

The coronavirus pandemic has upended career ambitions and caused many of us to reevaluate our priorities. Maybe, like many others, you want to work fewer hours now, or you want to take a step back to being an individual contributor after managing a team. As a result, you may be looking for a new job where your qualifications exceed an employer’s expectations for the role.

    This comes with challenges. When you’re applying for a job you’re clearly overqualified for, recruiters will wonder why you are interested. “One of the things that is a big issue is that hiring managers and recruiters, they see that as a red flag. They’re wondering, ‘Are you going to leave as soon as something better comes along?’”

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Sometimes it’s OK to Hate

Just make certain that you’re hating the right things

There are things in this world that are OK to hate.  Among them is the stigma…

    There are a lot stigmas associated with the job search in general and job searches for the 50+ job seeker in particular. However, according to one recruiter friend, the stigma once associated with being “in transition” no longer resides in that camp.  MORE

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