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Demographic Trends
for the 50-and-Older Work Force

The participation rates of the older (age groups)
have generally not been in decline

by Jennifer Nash at

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Hiring Managers Avoiding Younger, Older Candidates

34 Percent of hiring managers said they have concerns about hiring candidates over 60

by Dexter Tilo at

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These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

Why You're Not Getting the Job

Recruiter Reveals 3360 Applicants for One Role

by Alice Gibbs at

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Reality Check
Like it or not, reality has a way
of sneaking up on all of us

➔    We’re all familiar with the phrase “reality check.”  In the event you’re not certain, the dictionary defines it as “an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world.”

       If you’re over 50, have lost your job and are struggling to land a new one, you’ve already had your first, blunt reality check.  We wish we could say that it’s gets easier, but we’re not going to lie to you.  Not only may it get worse before it gets better, even when you think it’s better, maybe it isn’t.



“We’re committed to collaborating across sectors to ensure workers of all backgrounds can use AI effectively and develop the skills needed to prepare for future-focused jobs.” — Lisa Gevelber, on the AI-Enabled ICT Workforce Consortium, a collective of companies including Google, IBM, and Microsoft aimed at upskilling tech workers. ?

                                            — VoIP Review

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