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5 Ways Older Adults Are Boosting the Global Economy

Older adults are consumers, workers, caregivers and volunteers

by Kenneth Terrell at

group meeting

What to Do If Your Job Offer Is Rescinded (Yes, It Can Happen)

Can companies do this? Short answer? Yes. 

by Jenny Foss at

older woman concerned

Ageism Is Expensive – and It’s Everywhere

Ageism affects the physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being of those who experience it

by Patty Carriere at

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Consider the Source
Our advice on taking advice: caveat emptor

➔    When you’re searching for a new job, advice likely will come to you from all directions. Friends and family, in person and online – everywhere imaginable. Even from sources such as Nifty50s – and we scour the online universe to bring you the best and most sound advice we can.

Gazing Out the Window

Have Your Cake and…

A laid-off North Carolina woman tried to impress one her target companies by having a sheet cake delivered to their offices on Founders Day with her resume spelled out in icing. She has “several meetings” with them on her calendar as a result.

                                                     —   New York Post

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