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The Impact of Automation and Age Discrimination on Older Workers
in the U.S.

As businesses adopt more efficient technology, traditional roles are becoming obsolete

by Candice Clark at

man and woman at screen

How to Ace a Job Interview When
Re-entering the Workforce after an Absence

There are tactics you can employ to help you beat the bias


woman with glasses and notepad

Taking a Career Break at 50 

Reasons and tips

from Indeed

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When Personal Trumps Professional
More than a laundry-list type resume, a personal brand speaks to who you are

➔    There’s a lot that a recruiter or hiring manager can tell about you by perusing your resume. For the most part, however, your resume will state facts about you: your former employers, your titles, your education background, etc.

    That’s all well and good but none of that tells them about you, the real you, the human you, the person that exists beyond the lines on a resume. We’re talking about the dedication you have, your commitment to the job, your ability work with and/or lead others. Your punctuality. Your dependability. Your reliability. Mix them all together and you get… well, you.

Senior Businessman

More than half (54 percent) of those surveyed said their organizations operate in two or more countries, with 22 percent reporting they’re present in 10 or more.

                                                           —   HRBrew

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