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Barriers to Finding a Job When You’re Over 50

by Anna Patty at

The expressions on the faces of prospective employers seemed to give it all away. From the age of 50, Martin Smith felt he was considered “too old” for the job.
   “When you are knocking on doors and see the look on people’s faces, you can read it,” he said. “As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you don’t have a chance against someone who is younger, fitter and clean cut.”

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10 Tips For Relaunching Your Career

by Jenna Arcand at

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So, you've been on a career break. How long has it been? Three years, five years, more? Whether you took time off to care for your children or to travel the world, relaunching your career is a major undertaking, especially these days. Just sending out a bunch of resumes won't do the trick.
   Here are some effective tips and steps for relaunching your career you can start doing immediately to help you reach your goal of getting back into the workforce.

Coming Back: How to Win the Job You Want

When You’ve Lost the Job You Need 

by Fawn Germer from

If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of mid-career professionals who lost a job thanks to Covid-19, Fawn Germer wants you to know you’re not alone. She also wants you to get up, dust yourself off and go get the job you want. In Coming Back, Fermer gives older job seekers the guidance they need to upgrade their tech skills, rock social media and make themselves relevant in the new world of work.
   There’s no one right way to be inspired, so cast a wide net. Reading a few of these books can open your eyes to just how dynamic and resilient the human spirit is — a powerful reminder as you kick off your year.  Scroll to #8.


What Goes Where?

Are you asking the right questions about your resume?

Among the most potent weapons in your job-search arsenal – to no one’s great surprise – is your resume.
   Job seekers slave for hours trying to determine what to include, what to exclude, what font, when bold, when italics, etc. Then when all is said and done, they’re told that they need to have different versions for live submissions and copies sent to the ATS – automated tracking system.  MORE 

Before the Interview

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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Unemployment Data

for August 2021

National Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate Age 50-54

Unemployment Rate Age 55+

Total Number of Unemployed

over age 50
2.1 million

Labor Participation Rate


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All figures according to the August, 2021

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data.

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