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Overqualified for the Job and
the Hiring Manager
is Intimidated by You

At this stage of life, many of us want to take a step back

from Marc Miller at

mature man meeting

How Older Employees Can Change Their Careers

49% (of U.S. workers) have already made a dramatic career shift

by  Paola Peralta at

older man at work

How to Highlight Transferable Skills on Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile When Changing Industries

How can (you) apply the skills and experience you’ve gained from your past roles in a new industry


women at coffeeshop meeting

What’s Really Important
How good are you on a tightrope?

➔    For the older job seeker, updating your resume can be a exercise fraught with frustration.  On the one hand, you don’t want to come across as appearing to be too old, and on the other hand, your strongest selling point is your experience. And it doesn’t stop with your resume. This quandary persists throughout the job search process for most mature workers.

Senior Man Working from Home
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