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How Older Adults Can Find Meaningful Work

Finding meaningful work in your second half of life
is a lot about exploration

by Marc Miller at

Two women meeting

How to Find a Job Even at an Older Age

Do you feel that your age is holding you back from finding a job? Here are some tips and strategies to overcome ageism and land the job you want.

by Abigale Lim at

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My Career: What I Don’t Want

“Once I figured what I didn't want,
ironically everything fell into place”

by Marcelle Yeager at

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Don’t Stop
Why stop doing the one thing most likely to get you a job

➔    Over the years there has been a lot of research looking at the importance of networking in the typical job search. While findings vary, the consensus seems to land at around of 80 percent of all jobs are filled through some level of connections or networking.

Inside Business

One small survey of 30 CFOs found just 18% planned to further reduce headcount this year. Another survey of 300 C-suite leaders by Greenhouse found that 68% are planning on increasing headcount this year. 
                                                     —   Forbes

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