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How to Fight Back Against Age Discrimination

Take these steps to protect yourself against this illegal workplace activity

by Tamara Lytle at

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The Best Jobs
for People Who Want to Work Past Retirement Age

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10.6 million people at retirement age and over are still working. 


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LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Proven Ways to Double Your Success

The Only Platform Made Exclusively to Boost Your Executive Job Search

by Shireen Stephenson at


Elementary My Dear Job Seeker
The best detectives know where they’re looking

➔    How tough is it to be looking for a job in 2022 when you’re past your 50th birthday? Real tough. Exceptionally tough.

    And do you know what makes looking for a job at your age even tougher? Not knowing what you’re looking for. 

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Need Help?
    Are you stuck in a quandry over what to do next? Do you want to stay in your same line of work, or do you want to explore something new? Something different? Do you want to try your hand at doing what you’ve always dreamed of? What is the best line of work for you?
   We can help. Our “Ideal Job Workbook” is more than just a simple five-minute quiz. Our workbook digs into what you really want to do and offers a plan as to how to find that job.
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